Local rockers "On My Six" have played 1500 shows in 22 states...But apparently taking a shower is a difficult task for the singer.

I've known Rick Soeprasetyo for quite a while...Really good dude. The Sandy Hallow Kelly Williamson Mobil (where Rick works) was my daily stop for years.

Rick is the lead singer for the local band, "On My Six". As Rick put it himself:

"We are 5 Hometown guys that sacrifice a lot including time with families and careers to pursue a pipe dream."


These guys give it their all on the local scene and traveling the country. I asked Rick for some road stories to share, he gave me a Rated-R and this "clumsy" more like "hungover" one:

"Long story short we were staying at a friends house and I was taking a shower and I went to get out of the shower and my head caught the crossbar and I went through the shower door completely butt naked and covered in blood." 


Check out ON MY SIX BY CLICKING HERE they have a new album arriving in 2019.



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