A local person has finally figured out a good to use that old school box television.

Remember when televisions were huge and heavy. You needed a lot of space and a serious TV stand to hold it up.

Nowadays they are light and thin. You can hang them up on the wall like a picture.

Hopefully, by now you've been able to upgrade.

The only problem is what do you do with your old box television once you upgrade.

If you're like me, it's down in your basement. Maybe in your garage or the kid's room.

You're pretty much stuck with it. That won't sell in a garage sale. Thrift stores won't accept them as a donation. You can't even give them away. Nobody wants one of those old school TV's.

The garbage man won't take them anymore and the scrapers won't touch them. Don't even bother putting it out on the curb. You have to find a designated place to drop them off and sometimes they will even charge you.

I was checking out Rockford Craigslist this morning and I think I found the answer.

A creative local person has come out with a great concept.

"This Old School Television has been re-purposed into an adorable bed for your little pet."

I think this could really work. Some pets don't like going into a dog house. This is much more open, so the animals feel comfortable.

If you are considering making one yourself, the ad did come with a warning.

"WARNING!! DO NOT try gutting an old television yourself at home! It can be VERY DANGEROUS!"

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