The holidays can be hard, and sometimes lead to down paths you should avoid.


I was reading the story about NFL Josh Howard last night and It got me thinking. The former Cleveland Brown admitted that he never played a college or NFL game without a drink or drug in his system. His demons took control of him and whatever it was that lead him down that path, it has ruined his career.

Nothing wrong with celebrating the holidays with family and friends. It's always important to remember that the holidays can be difficult for some. If you know someone or maybe it is you that struggles during the holidays, there is great local help available. The first step is talking to someone, and here are five different directions you can take:


Rosecrance Health Network Rockford, IL (815) 391-1000

Remedies Renewing Lives Rockford, IL (815) 962-0871
RU Recovery Ministries National Headquarters Rockford, IL (815) 986-0460
DUI Solutions Inc East Wind Business Complex Rockford, IL (815) 227-5553




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