Flushing the competition, a local company comes out on top with cleanest bathrooms in the state.

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Gasbuddy.com released their 2018 Travel Survey and among 37% of people who were surveyed, not knowing the conditions of the gas station restroom is one of their worst fears.

So GasBuddy took it a step further with their survey and released a state by state list of the cleanest gas station restrooms, so fearing the unknown when nature calls is not an issue.

According to their findings, local company Kelley's Market has ranked the cleanest restrooms in the state of Illinois. Go to know seeing I have two kids who always have to use the restroom when we leave the house.

And with kids about to start summer break, many families are planning family road trips. Having a state by state bathroom break down is a handy tool.

The company with the most states is the Oklahoma company Quick Trip. Claiming victory in seven states for the second year in a row.

Even though Quick Trip had the most state wins, Texas-based Buc-ee's earned a seat on the throne by being the brand with the highest rated restrooms in the nation.

GasBuddy complied the list from reviews and rating gathers Sept. 2016 through April 2018.

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