"New year, new me"...or something like that.

Michael Flippo, ThinkStock
Michael Flippo, ThinkStock

Personally, 2017 was like looking into a crystal ball. I saw things happening, it was just a matter of timing.

Let's call a spade a spade, Double T is playing in the pro's now...so 2017 was a win around these parts.

  1. The Weinstein Company - How will Hollywood change?
  2. Infiniti QX70 - New year, new version.
  3. House of Cards - Do they reshuffle or just blow it up?
  4. Kmart - Could this be a final "blue light special"?
  5. Men's Warehouse - No more loving the way you look.
  6. Diet Pepsi - Will dipping sales end this brand?
  7. Aetna - CVS Healthcare has taken over.
  8. Sears - Another former retail giant might be done.
  9. Fiat - Does this import have the ability to last in the USA in 2018?
  10. Volkswagen Touareg - Another import on the way out?


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