The Chicago Blackhawk's 2017 Stanley Cup Playoff run is about to start and be prepared by knowing all of the player's nicknames.

The Chicago Blackhawk's 2017 Stanley Cup Playoff run is starting on April 13th verses the Nashville Predators. They have a very good chance of winning another cup. Vegas has them favored to win their 4th championship since 2010.

If you are a new, bandwagon, or causal fan, you still want to make sure you can hold your own in a conversion. It's going to be water cooler conversation at work. You might be invited to a party to watch a game. You could end up seating next to "Mr. Blackhawk's Fan of the Year" one night while hanging out at a sports bar.

A good place to start is with nicknames. Just about every hockey player, it doesn't matter what level, has a nickname. They are so big in hockey that coaches, announcers, and staff members get them too. There is an actual formula.

"There are a few simple rules of thumb & ideas you need to follow:"

  • "Can not be more than 2 sylables"
  • "Take first sylable of last name and add "ER" (Patrick Kane is Kaner)"
  • "Add an "S" (Duncan Keith is Duncs)"
  • "Simply take first sylable of last name (Brandon Mashinter is Mash)"
  • "Add a "Y" or "EY" to either first or last name (Patrick Sharp is Sharpy)"
  • "Put a spin on name using rules above (Brian Campbell is Soupy - like Campbell's Soup)"
  • "Some shortened version of first or last name (Maria Hossa is Hoss)"

If you don't feel comfortable figuring out the nicknames of Chicago Blackhawk's players on your own, that's okay.

Study that list and you will be all set to watch the Chicago Blackhawks in the playoffs.

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