We are finally here parents, the last day of school.

Shiny School Bus

As I was preparing my teenage boys for their final day of school, the normal amount of joking and sarcasm was at a peak level. Nothing like knowing that after today, summer is here. Both of my boys have one more final exam today and the school year is over, it's the end of school checklist I'm more worried about. I came up with an end of school checklist for my kids, maybe this could help you and yours.

Make sure there is nothing in your locker - Hats, coats, pens, gloves, books, nothing.

Turn in all books ASAP - Got hit with a fine last year because my oldest son had a book get lost in the shuffle.

Say thank you - Teachers, and administrators are just as happy as you to be out of there. A quick thank you goes a long way.

Be kind to classmates - There will be a bunch you won't see over the summer, and they will ALL change by next year.

Library fines - Pay them



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