Winter surfers ride the waves on Lake Michigan.

Ever since I saw the movie "Point Break," I wanted to learn how to surf. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of athletic skill.

I know it takes a special kind of person when it comes to riding the waves because there's a certain amount of risk involved.

Of course, with every extreme sport, some of the athletes want to take it to the next level. For surfers, it's winter surfing.

According to,

"A winter storm dumped several inches of snow in northwest Indiana. While some locals shoveled out, others hit the waves surfing in Lake Michigan."

That just sounds crazy to me. I don't even like to go into Lake Michigan in the summer.

Here's a couple of videos so you can learn more about it.

Video: Winter surfers talk about the thrill of riding waves on Lake Michigan

Video: Winter Surfing - Lake Michigan

Do you want to try it?

Video: What's in a Headbanger?


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