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Man oh man, I really need to get rid of these coffins in the garage, they sure do take up a lot of space.

It's always super interesting what you can find on Facebook Marketplace. I still think my favorite was the metal, painted Ronald McDonald head...that was super creepy. There are worthy possible purchases as well, I did find a couple scooters that were reasonable. But then there is this...and yahhhh, kinda creepy.


By the looks of the photo, dude just has coffins. This doesn't look like the backroom at a store of some sort does it? Let's call a spade a spade, I'm dying to know why this guy has so many coffins in his garage. Are these really "used" as it says, can we co with "gently used?" Condition...Used. I can't stop reading that part.

It also looks like he has quite the variety. from the photo there, there's a selection of colors and materials you can choose from! Nothing like a color choice to brighten this morbid situation.

$300 a piece is a pretty good asking price if you ask me (between $200 to $600)..after all, they are gently used. Maybe they were used as giant beer coolers, like Gene Simmons of KISS talking about his KISS Coffins doubling as coolers? No?

If for some creepy reason you have an interest in these, CLICK HERE to contact William about his variety of coffins. I don't know if these are considered hot items that go fast?

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