When it's beyond freezing there's only one thing that's guaranteed to warm you up, soup! But what if you could have three soups at once? That's the best and that soup flight is available now at one of Rockford's top restaurants. 

Sometimes it's just a little cold out. But we'd take that right now over what's been happening in Northern Illinois. 15 below zero? That doesn't even seem real!

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But, unfortunately, it is real and that means we have to put things in our bodies to warm them up. Turning the heat higher isn't gonna cut it and it's gonna cost you a lot more than a few bowls of soup.

So break out your warmest coat and gloves and hop on over to The Olympic Tavern in Rockford for their soup flight because let's face it three soups is better than one. (Four is better too... the flight does come with three, this is just an epic flight for photos).


Since I've actually tried the soups at The Olympic Tavern I can tell you they are pretty darn good!

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The soup flight at The Olympic Tavern is only available Monday through Thursday at the Olympic Tavern because it's seriously so popular that they wouldn't be able to keep up on the weekends.

What Soups are in Olympic Tavern's Soup Flight?

You can choose three soups out of their three core menu soups and the soup of the day. The core soups include baked potato, bison & beef chili and baked french onion. The day I went to taste the soups, the soup of the day was cheeseburger, which I didn't know if I'd like... but you know what I did.

And when I see -11 on my car when I wake up, you better believe I'm loading up on all the soups. Who serves your favorite?

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