With all the talk about the Chinese Hot Air Balloon that floated across the country, it stoked a fire that burns hot with fear. The same type of fear that is talked about when people mention a nuclear attack. Did you know that the state of Illinois is one of the WORST states to be in, if a nuclear attack happens? BusinessInsider

Yes there was a Chinese Balloon floating over America. It started in Alaska, and made its way across parts of the good ole USA. This was met with tons of concern and fear from Americans. Was it spying on us? Was it a weather balloon that got off course? Either way, it was shot down over an ocean and that is that.

But an event like this doesn't happen without a lot of fear, "of the unknown." Why was it there, how did it make it that far into our area, what if it had some sort of weapon(s) attached to it? What would we do?

The conversation started about being prepared, like when nuclear war is talked about. What to do incase nuclear weapons are used. We can't crawl under our desks at school and put our hands over our head anymore...

Did you know that Illinois is on a short list of states, that a nuclear attack would affect...first? Illinois is a location that "if" nuclear weapons were fired at America, would be affected first. Yikes.

According to BuinessInsider one of these SIX CITIES in America, would be targeted first:

    • New York
    • Chicago
    • Houston
    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco
    • Washington, DC

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