Forget decking the halls yourself, get out of your house and get to these Rockford bars and restaurants that will really get you in the holiday spirit.

One week and counting until Santa comes down the chimney and you're diving into all of the presents under your tree.

Maybe this year, the holiday spirit hasn't hit you yet. You need a festive jump-start to get you to the big day. You're in luck, Rockford is packed with restaurants and bars that are decked out in red, green and sparkles.

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We knew about a few of these, but it's always helpful when you let us know what's happening around town, too. Which is why we asked you on Facebook to tell us your favorite Rockford area restaurants and bars with festive vibes.

There are some standouts from that list for sure, which is why we have a top 5, are you ready?

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In no particular order, your festive five are:

Top Five Christmas Bars and Restaurants in Rockford

I for one LOVE the Christmas pop-up bar trend!

I haven't been able to get out to all of these, but I hope I can make it soon!

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the app chat.

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