Brrrr, it's cold in here, we need some comfort food stat to warm us up!

Listen, we all know it gets cold in winter. And we knew this was coming. But, it's not until the thermostat actually hits 10 degrees below zero that we remember how cold COLD really is.

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That term 'bone-chilling,' is legit. My bones hurt as I type this to be completely honest it. But I will power through and make sure you know all of the top comfort foods in Rockford before I put my gloves back on.

We asked you on the 97ZOK Facebook page, 'what are your favorite winter comfort foods?'

Of course we got what we expected:

  • Chili, grilled cheese (Carrie Lindhe)
  • Homemade soups, beef stew and fried chicken (Karen Finley Reisetter)
  • Chicken noodle or potato soup and goulash! (Kerrie Bidlingmaier)
  • Homemade black bean soup with bacon or ham (Laura Morrison)
  • PIZZA (Brian Weavel)
  • Tomato soup & grilled cheese (Perry Hess)

But then, we get to our girl Debra Opsahl. Debra is a top fan and we love her and we love most of her answer, 'chili, soup and grilled cheese,' yes perfect Deb! She also said hamburgers, ok that works too. But that last thing on her list, salad. Debra, no, that's not the right answer.

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Getty Images

Listen, I love salad more than the average person, I really do, and I eat it more than the average person too, but salad is not anyone's favorite winter comfort food. Salad is cold, the air is already cold, cold and cold do not make comfort.

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So as much as we love you Debra, we need you to promise that next time you're freezing and dinner is ready to comfortingly warm you up, it's not salad.

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