A tremendous free offer for RPS District 205 students was just announced that would provide around-the-clock expert academic support and do it all online.

Rockford Public Schools Offering Free Online Tutoring

Stuck on a part of your homework and need just a little help to finish it up?

Need an expert educator to read your essay right now and make suggestions?

Do you have a test or quiz coming up and need someone to help you study?

Can you imagine how transforming it would be for any student who is struggling to be able to find help and not need to get a ride somewhere? Or, have to stay in the building for hours after school lets out to wait their turn for extra tutoring from their teacher. This isn't just support for the student, it's support for the teachers, it's support for the whole building. And the best part of all of this is that it is absolutely free.


Here's the RPS 205 announcement made on the morning of September 13:

FREE HOMEWORK HELP: RPS 205 is working with Paper to offer free online tutoring and 24/7 academic support for students in grades 3-12!

Paper tutors offer expert, academic support in a secure, chat-based platform. Whether a student is stuck on homework, studying for a test, or needs someone to read and make suggestions for their essays, there will always be experts available online to assist.
RPS 205 teachers have accounts and can review student activity to see what they’re working on and provide more targeted instruction as needed.

During my first 2 minutes on the Paper website and these are the statements that stood out to me most,

  • Every student is covered.
  • Paper partners with schools to make online tutoring accessible to all students.
  • 24/7/365, on any device.
  • There whenever and wherever students need it. No scheduling is required.
  • Personalized and unlimited.
  • Students get as much help as they need and have tutors’ full attention with unlimited, 1:1 support in their preferred language.

This one-minute video below answers the big question, what is Paper?

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If you think support for your child like this might be a big difference maker, you should take a closer look/

Rockford School District 205 shared a link with an extremely comprehensive look at what Paper is, and what it can do for your student. Find all of those resources HERE.

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