Christopher Parker of Wisconsin, might be the most honest dumbass, I mean criminal we've ever featured. SG

Virgin Records
Virgin Records

Christopher was pulled over during a traffic stop, and he was carrying a handgun, a large stack of cash, and a whole lot of marijuana. This is where the story gets interesting...He tried to BRIBE THE COP. Wait for it...

Police line
Chris Bernard

Christopher offered the cop $100,000 and said the following to the officer:

"I know that’s more than your salary, take the car, take the money. I don't care. Just let me walk, bro. Please let me go."

That obviously went over REALLY well. This was how he explained to the cops, the who and why and where. He was misled, by a TV show. Huh?

Dumb and Dumber
New Line Cinema

He first described himself to the cops as a "dumbass," good call Chris, and then added this:

 "I watch ‘Gangland,’ and I came to the South Side of Chicago to act like a big baller. I borrowed a gun from a friend for protection, and I was scared to be driving down here. I’m on vacation with my family and I have the gun because my girlfriend is scared, too."

This took more guts than driving through Chicago, Chris. The honesty gets you some "points" but that's about it. Chris received gun charges, drug charges, OH and there was that whole bribe the cops thing. Ouch. Dumbass indeed.

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Christopher was held on $90,000 bail in the Cook County Jail. No more TV, Chris...dumbass.

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