I recently ordered personal checks for the first time in about 30 years. I think when I first had a checkbook, I maybe used it four times. I came across a rare situation where actually using a check to pay for something saves me like three bucks...Yep, I'm that guy. So I ordered them.

So question, rockers...What is the lowest amount you have every written a check for? Ten bucks, five bucks, did you write one for UNDER ONE DOLLAR AND BREAK THE LAW! Yep, I said that...you broke the law.

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There is a rule, a law, a something, that states if you write a check for under the amount of ONE DOLLAR, you are a rule breaker and could face jail time...seriously. MyHeritage

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Here is the wordy, official, really old verbiage of the whole writing a check for under one dollar:

Whoever makes, issues, circulates, or pays out any note, check, memorandum, token, or other obligation for a less sum than $1, intended to circulate as money or to be received or used in lieu of lawful money of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both. -Issuance of circulating obligations of less than $1 AboveTopSecret

So wait a freakin' minute, not only is it illegal but it comes with a jail sentence up to six months? Holy hell, Batman.

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O.K. let's shoot straight though, you would get that amount of money from your car's cup holder or in the couch cushions before you write a check that low, right?

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