Alright, playas. We got 10 answers on the board and the question is "What state is the worst at playing the Feud?" If you picked Illinois, you'd be able to pass or play because that would be the top answer. Yes, playa, Illinois is not good at playing the Feud.

How do you determine something like that? A new survey has come out showing which states are the best and the worst. The people conducting this survey asked people in each state so if you're mad at anyone, be mad at your neighbors.


Congrats, Illinois. You are not going to Fast Money. Actually, we're not sure how you made it on the show in the first place.

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Illinois Is The Worst At Playing Family Feud

In true Family Feud fashion, started by surveying 100 Americans in February 2023 with 16 questions one might typically see on the show. From there, they pulled out the 10 best questions with the most answer variance and surveyed every state accordingly (about 2,500 respondents).

loading... determined the rankings by comparing each state's most common answer responses to the nation's most common answer responses. The states with the most matching top answers were the winners. It's worth noting that due to the following state's lower populations, they didn't receive enough responses from Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming to accurately gauge their success in our mock game.

It was determined by that Illinois was the worst at playing Family Feud. Why? Because this is how the respondents from Illinois responded to the questions above:


When Illinois answers 6 of 10 questions incorrectly, you get deemed the worst state at playing the Feud.

Sure, the answers are good, but not the top answer. Sorry, playas.

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