I've seen the numbers, but I am having a real hard time believing this. There is shocking data that seems to prove that a Missouri place is one of the top 3 loneliest in America. Say it ain't so.

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This isn't something that is just a blogger's opinion. It's data from Chamber of Commerce.org based on census data regarding loneliness in America. It's based on the number of people who live alone in each place which seems like a very fair definition of loneliness. Take a look at the Missouri city that ended up at #3 on their list. See if your jaw dropped like mine did.

Infographic, Chamber of Commerce
Infographic, Chamber of Commerce

They nailed it with one simple sentence:

Among households in St. Louis, 47.5% (70,513) are occupied by one person.

It gets even worse if you're a man. They say that St. Louis, Missouri is the #1 most lonely place for a guy. How come a certain Steve Martin movie comes to mind?

It doesn't appear like the situation in St. Louis is getting any better either as they added "the number of people living alone within the city has increased 6.3% year-over-year." St. Louis, you need to get a pen pal like they used to do on Big Blue Marble. If you don't know what I'm referring to, you're way too young to be spending time reading and article written by me.

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