The bill known as "Karina's Bill" will be up for State Senate approval in 2024 and needs to pass in Illinois, here are the details on the bill and why it needs to become law...

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According to an article on WCBU, lawmakers in Illinois will have the chance to pass Karina's Bill in 2024, the bill made it through the House of Representatives at the end of 2023 and now awaits a vote in the State Senate. What exactly is Karina's Bill? On the site, they say...

"Karina Gonzalez of Chicago was shot and killed in July 2023 by her husband, against whom she had an order of protection. But he still lived in their shared home and had access to his guns. This legislation would require Illinois State Police to revoke firearms from the home when an abuse victim is granted an order of protection. It passed the House in May and is awaiting Senate action."

There is more to this tragedy, in an article from ABC 7 Chicago, that was published back in October of 2023, they say...

"The bill is named in honor of Karina Gonzalez, who was killed in July inside her Little Village home, along with her 15-year-old daughter, Daniela. Authorities say Gonzalez's husband, Jose Alvarez, shot them both. Two weeks before their deaths, Karina Gonzalez went to police to report abuse, and, soon after, was granted an order of protection. But he was allegedly still in the home, with access to his handgun."

A true tragedy

This is the type of story that is hard for me to even comprehend, imagine going to the authorities for help, getting an order of protection but still having to allow the person you have an order of protection against to have access to their firearms in the home you live in.

I'm never one to be in favor of having firearms taken from people, BUT, I truly believe you while you have the right to bear arms, you can lose that right if you are someone who can't be trusted with them. If you have an order of protection filed against you, I believe you shouldn't have access to firearms until you can prove your innocence and have the order removed. If you can accomplish that then you can restore your right to bear arms.

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