In the state of Illinois, does someone have to be twenty-one or older to purchase non alcohol beer from the store?

Starting To Drink Beer At An Early Age In Illinois

It's crazy to look back on now but when I was little, my parents would put beer in my bottle. They said it calmed me down. I bet it did. It wasn't just at home either, they would do it in restaurants too. My mom and dad would probably go to jail nowadays for pulling a stunt like that.

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Strict Drinking Age In Illinois

Back in the day, the drinking age in Illinois was eighteen. That didn't last long. The legal drinking age in Illinois is twenty-one. It's hard to drink when you're underage because everywhere cards so hard. No business wants to pay those fines if they get caught. There are tough penalties for minors who are caught busted boozing too.

Can Minors Buy Non Alcoholic Beer In Illinois?
Can Minors Buy Non Alcohol Beer In Illinois?

Another Drinking Option For Minors

I really don't remember many non alcohol beers when I was growing up. It was pretty much all the real thing. By the time I learned about it, I was already old enough to drink so I didn't care. I can see minors wanting to try non alcohol beer because it looks and tastes just like real beer. I have just one question, can a person under twenty-one buy non alcohol beer in Illinois?

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Is It Legal For Minors To Purchase Non Alcoholic Beer In Illinois?

Honestly, it was difficult to find the answer. This differs from state to state and city to city. Everywhere is different. In some areas, it's okay for minors to purchase non alcohol beer but against the store's policy to sell it to them.

According to,

You can buy non alcoholic beer in Texas and Illinois if you’re under 21, but there’s a caveat.


Both Texas and Illinois legally acknowledge the difference between beer and non alcoholic beer, but both types of beer must adhere to the states’ beer franchise laws.

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