Double T has your chance to win a foursome to play golf at the Rockford Park District. Double T wants to take you to "Swingtown!"

So here's the deal, Double T will give you a heads up when to go to the app during his morning show (8/7 - 8/11). When he gives you the cue. open up the 96.7 The Eagle App and sign up to win. It's that easy!

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You could win a foursome for a Rockford Park District golf course, sweet! The Rockford Park District operates courses at Aldeen Golf Club, Elliot Golf Course, Ingersoll Golf Course and Learning Links, and Sandy Hollow. To get more information about these courses, CLICK HERE

We want to send you and some friends to "Swingtown" for a great day of golf in the city of Rockford. You will be everyone's best friend at work if you win this foursome! Good luck!!!



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