Paranormal activity rocks the newspaper world in Rockford.

Brian Jackson

Print media has been "ghosting" over the last decade, so how appropriate is it that the Rockford Register Star building is haunted?

I came across this video shot back in 2005 about paranormal activity at the Rockford Register Star Tower downtown. They actually invited "ghost hunters" from Wisconsin to come investigate the strange vibes.

Bea Ricotta of the Rockford Register Star gives play by play of some paranormal activity that she has witnessed. Footsteps heard in a hallway, cold feelings in an empty room, butt prints on a bed. Yes, butt prints on a bed.

The older buildings downtown do in fact give off a creepy vibe for sure. The fact that there is an old apartment at the top of the Register Star Tower similar to the Coronado is pretty awesome too.

Be scared of the butt prints, be very scared.


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