I love my tiny "exotic" dogs. O.K., maybe they are just tiny.

Thinkstock - adavino

I've had friends with pet snakes, rare bird, dirty stinky ferrets, lizards etc. Kinda trips me out what people consider pets.

There was the story years ago of the lady with the pet ape that ripped her friends face off. Or what about the hardcore gang members that think having a pet tiger is awesome, until it eats their friend? I think my tiny 8lbs dogs that get tired on a 1/2 mile walk will do.

  • Baby Capuchin Monkeys
  • Baby Hedgehogs
  • Easter Bunnies
  • Emperor scorpions

That's a damn good mix, I wonder how many "Easter Bunnies" get purchased this time of year?

I wonder if an over friendly pet goose would be considered "exotic". The pet goose in this video is pretty human like in its reactions.

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