They are out there, and they will attack.

Cute Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) family in spring

I want to talk about a different type of "gang activity" in Rockford. The "Gaggle" has caused issues in our city for years, and it's about time we take a stand and know how to defend ourselves.

A Gaggle is no joke, you turn your back while walking along the Sinnissippi bike path and things won't end well. Even been enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Davis Park and you catch a Gaggle of Geese out of the corner of your eye? What in the world are they planning, and which pocket do I have my wallet in.

Well here are some steps to protect yourself in Rockford this Spring against these geese:


  • Don't act timid
  • Don't turn your back
  • Act confident
  • Make eye contact
  • Back away slowly
  • Don't feed them Gummy Bears

I thing these Rockford geese actually laugh at us as we avoid stepping in their poo, they are just evil.

So take these helpful hints and stay safe out there Rockford.




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