Geese chasing dogs needed by Janesville Parks Division.

I think we are all enjoying the spring weather. It really seemed like an extra-long winter. As soon as the temperatures started to rise, people immediately headed for the door. They are spending time in local parks. Taking part in activities like bike rides, walks, or hitting a playground.

There is one issue with spending time in the outdoors in places like parks in Rockford, Illinois, Wisconsin, and well, basically all over the Midwest. That is all the geese. It seems like there is more and more of them every year. They take over the forest preserves and other areas like they own them.

The geese are terrible visitors. They make a big mess by pooping everywhere and anywhere. They are very mean too. I have seen them hiss at passersby without even being provoked.

Plus, they really enjoy blocking traffic. I was driving down North Second Street by Sinnissippi Park a couple of days ago and cars were stopped right in the middle of the road because the geese decided they wanted to cross the street.

The geese up in Janesville are causing such havoc in some of their parks, that city officials decided a few years ago to do something about it.

According to,

"The city’s Parks Division and Friends of Riverside Park seek well-trained, well-behaved dogs to help keep geese out of parks and off trails."

There is a big perk to the gig.

"The benefit is that the dogs get the opportunity to exercise in the parks during times dogs are typically not allowed."

If you think your dog is a good candidate.

"Interested dog owners should contact the city Parks Division to register."

I believe Rockford should think about trying out this method.

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