Inmates in Chicago's Cook County Jail can now have a pizza delivered to their cell.

According to, "Hundreds of inmates at a Chicago jail can now order pizza to be delivered to their cells."

When I first saw the headline for this article, before I actually read it. I was outraged. I thought to myself, how can they allow people in jail to enjoy a luxury like pizza. They broke the law, so they don't deserve it.

Then, I started reading it. Remember you can't judge a book by it's cover.

This is actually a new program provided by the Cook County Jail. The article explains,"It's a cooking program in an effort to teach detainees useful skills to help them land jobs after their release."  

Now, that sounds a little bit better. I have friends that work in the restaurant industry and it's a business many former inmates get into after they are released.

I understand the teaching program, but then I thought. Should the inmates get the benefit of receiving pizzas from the program. Think about it, how many people would be willing to order pizzas from a jail kitchen? I would guess, not many.

Somebody needs to eat them, so they don't go to waste. Plus, they are paying for them. That could help pay for the program.

I think this could be a good program for the Winnebago County Jail too.

I'm wondering how many people will go off on this blog without actually reading into it.


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