The burritos served at this Mexican restaurant chain in Illinois are so big they easily last for multiple meals.

Photo By Double T
Photo By Double T

Burritos Are A Top Five Food In My Book

When it comes to my favorite foods, the burrito is definitely in my top five. I can remember the first day that wonderful dish came into my life. I was a latecomer to the burrito party.

It was my freshman year of college. I went to visit my buddy at the University of Illinois. We had gone out for some beers and wanted some late-night food. He took me to THE place in Champaign. That was LaBamba. I was about to order tacos when he convinced me to go burrito. Up to that point, I was strictly a taco guy. That moment changed my eating life forever. I was instantly a big fan of burritos.

Chasing The Taste Of That First Burrito

I have enjoyed many delicious burritos from several different restaurants through the years but I've always been chasing that LaBamba flavor. For my money, they are the best. Where else can you get a burrito that is as big as your head? They make everything fresh and right in front of you. I can even order it without tomatoes and it actually comes that way.

My friends and I like to play a little game. If one of us just happens to be lucky enough to get one of those famous burritos. We automatically send a picture to everyone else in our group. That means you've been "LaBamba'd." I even have a couple of friends that will bring me one if traveling to a town that has a LaBamba restaurant.

Where To Find LaBamba Burritos In Illinois

Unfortunately, there isn't a LaBamba restaurant location in Rockford but there are several in Illinois.

  • Champaign (1905 Glenn Park Dr)
  • Normal (129 E Beaufort St)
  • Springfield (1731 S MacArthur Blvd)
  • Chicago (105 W Madison St)
  • Bonus: Madison, Wi (710 S Gammon Rd)

I highly recommend checking it out. For more info, HERE.

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