Safety first, right?

Shaearion Davis was arrested in Swansea, Illinois after stealing 31 boxes of condoms from a Schnucks location. SG

Employees watched at Shaearion swiped the 30 boxes and tried to make a run for it...Didn't go at planned. They actually followed her out the store and tailed her for a while, until cops were able to join in on the pursuit. She tried to ditch the $300 in condoms, but she was "safely" caught in the act.

The condom thief was charged with felony retail theft. She then refused to allow jail people to photograph and fingerprint her, so then she was charged with obstructing a police officer, which is a misdemeanor.

The condom stealer was thrown in jail, bond was set at $50,!! She does have prior convictions including theft convictions and several outstanding arrest warrants...I wonder if it was more condoms?

OK so lets break this down....31 boxes of condoms, at a value of $300...what could Shaearion possibly be doing with all of that? There's a few options, follow along if you dare...

  • Maybe she is "part of a business" where the usage of said items is needed to maintain strict safety standards.
  • Maybe she has a side hustle where she sells them out in front of high schools, promoting safe sex.
  • Maybe she wanted to but balloons for a party and this Schnucks location was out.

I'm going with option A. But I might be wrong...


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