Thank you on behalf of EVERYONE at 96.7 The Eagle for sending in your "dad" pics for our MANLY & MEATY Father's Day Contest. You guys never disappoint with the submitting pics of mom, kids, and especially dear old dad.

The winner of our "Manly & Meaty" Father's Day wins:

  • $100 Gift Card to Eickman's Meats
  • Portable Propane Grill
  • Beef Jerky Bouquet 

For the record, the beef jerky bouquet may be the coolest thing I've ever seen...Check this out:

Manly Man Co/Beef Jerky Flower Box
Manly Man Co/Beef Jerky Flower Box

So I thought I'd share some pics that you the Eagle Listener sent in. These are all unique and pretty awesome!

Don't forget we also have a "Founding Father's of Rock" Weekend! Top of each hour, we rock out with three in a row from our the men that got this rock thing set in action, loudly...just how we like it.

Check out some of these "Founding Father's of Rock!"

Happy Father's Day to all the rockin' dads out there!


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