Every day in Belvidere, geese like to eat ice cream.

Listener Shares Story

This morning during the first hour of my show, I got a call from a listener on the request line. He had a funny story to share with me.

He works at a disposal company. One of his stops is Dairy Farms in Belvidere. Every time he stops there, he witnesses something quite unusual.

Geese Love Ice Cream

He started noticing a bunch of geese hanging out by the factory. At first, he could not understand why. Then he saw something all over the ground. It was a colorful and sticky liquid. That is when he figured it out.

It was melted ice cream on the ground. The company had put rejected products into the trash compactor. Of course, it melted because it was not in a freezer.

For some reason, the geese were hanging out in that area. They decided to try the tasty treat. They must have enjoyed it because they keep coming back for more.

A big thanks to Jack for sending me a video and pictures. Check them out.

Video: Geese In Belvidere Love Eating Melted Ice Cream

Geese Enjoying Ice Cream Photo By Jack Scuderi
Geese Enjoying Ice Cream Photo By Jack Scuderi
Geese Enjoying Ice Cream Photo By Jack Scuderi

Who Knew Geese Liked Ice Cream

I did not expect geese to like ice cream. I figured maybe raccoons but not geese. I did not know that birds had a sweet tooth. Even more shocking, this is not a one-time deal. They keep coming back for more.

Be careful next time you have a treat in the park. The geese might try to get a taste.

Geese are always causing trouble

Video: Rockford Geese Walk Across Busy Road

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