A woman in Illinois damaged a minivan by stabbing the hood with a knife.

In a situation like this one, I really wish there was more to the background story in the article. I have many questions including what set this person off to act in this way.

According to daily-chronicle.com,

"Police said a Rochelle woman was charged with domestic battery, criminal damage to property, resisting a police officer, driving with a suspended license and child endangerment after an incident."

Sounds like some serious things going on in this scenario. Let's check out the laundry list of illegal activities that occurred.

  • Stabbed the hood.
  • Carved a slur and phone number into a vehicle.
  • Broke the passenger side mirror with her hands.
  • Vandalize vehicle.
  • Curse words and homosexual slur scratched into the car.
  • Kicked the driver’s side mirror.
  • Spit on the victim.
  • Kicked over several displays inside a store.
  • All while holding her 18-month-old child, refused commands from police officers to put down the child, and police physically took the child from her.

I guess her motto is "go big or go home," but my guess is that she won't be going home for a while.

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