After being hit by a pink water balloon, a man in Chicago called the police.

I think we've all met "that" person. The one that always threatens to call the cops, press charges, call an attorney, or a lawsuit. Don't get me wrong, there are times to get the authorities involved but don't be a tattletale.

For this situation, there was no reason to involve the law.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

"It actually just might be the oddest crime reported to the Chicago Police Department all year. The crime is battery with a pink water balloon at a Lake Michigan party spot where boats gather by the dozens. Tossed from one boat to another, smacked a man in the chest. A Chicago police boat showed up, but the man couldn’t identify the hurler and refused medical attention. A witness told the police he believed the suspect launched water balloons at the vessel because the girls on the bow appeared to encourage him." 

This guy should be arrested for trying to press charges.


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