Here are the best strains of cannabis that are available in Illinois.

There have always been names for the different types of pot but the weed name game has really jumped to a creative high. They are all so very creative and many are hilarious.

If you've been getting your stash from your friendly neighborhood "ganja" provider, there's a good chance that they don't have much variety. In that case, after January 1st, 2020, the first time you walk into a dispensary could be very confusing. So many choices.

Luckily, like for restaurants, movies, and music, there are expert marijuana critics that give reviews of all these latest strains. Since medical marijuana has been legal in Illinois for a while, the "locals" have some opinions to share.

What's the best? Check out the top 5 according to,

  • Gelato - “Minty fruitiness like a lot of gelato flavors.”
  • G6 - "Taste of sweet fuel with earthy notes and a hint of berry.”
  • DJ Short Flo - "Compares to a purple Gatorade in a very good way.”
  • Lime Sorbet - "Like “eating a key lime.”
  • Cherry Hash Plant - "Sharp sweet herb."

Happy shopping.


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