The first day numbers for legal marijuana sales in Illinois reaches over $3 million.

I had the feeling the dollar amount would be huge but not this big. Thousands of people in Illinois spent their New Year's Day waiting in line to purchase legal pot. I think they all used their Christmas money for it.

According to,

"More than 77,000 transactions netted nearly $3.2 million in marijuana product sales on the first day of legal cannabis in Illinois, the state announced Thursday. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation reported 77,128 transactions took place at cannabis dispensaries around Illinois, generating $3,176,256.71 on Day 1."

To put it perspective, Michigan legalized cannabis a month earlier on December 1st. Their first-week sales hit $1.6 million. That's a week compared to a day. Check out the story, HERE.

The nickname for Illinois might have to be changed from the "Land of Lincoln" to the "Pothead State."

Did you purchase weed on New Year's Day?

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