For music fans like myself, shopping for music is my hobby but unfortunately, many of my favorite record stores in Illinois are no longer around so let's flashback to some of those amazing places.

Do You Remember These 10 Former Record Stores In Rockford?

#1 Media Play

  • I absolutely loved this place. I spend a lot of time and money shopping there. Whenever I drive by that location it brings back lots of memories.

#2 Appletree Records

  • I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of their run in Rockford. Another great former record store that was located in the Edgebrook Center.

#3 The Record Mart

  • Unfortunately, it was long gone before I moved to town but I've heard some great stories about the place. It was in downtown Rockford. How cool would it be to have it nowadays?

#4 Musicland

  • It was a record store chain that was in most malls including in Rockford. It wasn't my first choice for buying music but still picked up many releases there.

#5 Union Hall

  • Another place that closed shortly after I came to town. It was a department store but they had a good music department.

#6 Sam Goody

  • Another chain record store. If you were hanging out at the mall with your friends, it was a cool place to check out.

#7 COOP Records And Tapes

  • I never got the opportunity to shop there but I've heard plenty of stories about the place from back in the day.

#8 The Red Whale 

  • To be honest, I've never heard of it but if you remember that store please share some stories with me.

#9 Comays

  • Was in business way before I was born. Apparently, it was a jewelry store that sold records too.

#10 Goldblatts

  • I never went to the Rockford location but I did go to one in the Chicago suburbs when I was a kid. In those days, all the department stores sold records.

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