Legal weed sales are still running high in Illinois with another $36 million made in March.

The citizens of Illinois have proven that legal recreational marijuana isn't an one month fad. For three months in a row, the state has raked in the cash.

According to,

"The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has announced preliminary numbers show statewide adult-use cannabis sales in March totaled $35,902,543.22. Dispensaries across the state sold 812,203 items over the 31-day period. Sales to Illinois residents totaled $27,096,931.23, while sales to out-of-state residents totaled $8,805,611.99. These figures do not include taxes collected."

Even with COVID-19, I think the numbers will remain steady. If consumers were willing to wait hours in line to purchase cannabis, I don't think curbside service with limited hours will stop them.


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