This story takes us back to 2018, but it still "rings" of truth and justice...and a damn funny name!

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson

When you give birth to your child, the name thing is super important. Maybe you want to use something from your families history, maybe there's a dear friend that you would like to honor....anything is possible here kids. I've seen kids names after superheroes, sports celebrities, musicians, but NEVER EVER have I heard of a child named after an historic landmark. SG


This might be one of my favorite, and funniest names I've ever heard...and to think this young lady with the historic name went on to be a person that steals cars for a living. Classy!

Rockford Police Officer Injured By Drunk-Texting Driver
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Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to "Liberty Bell." Cops were called to a convenience store where a woman locked herself out of her car. They arrived to help her in this time of need. Here's problem number one...the car was stolen. Liberty Bell called the cops to get her into a locked car that was stolen.

Police lights by night

Cops called in the car when the store owner said the Liberty Bell had cracked, and she was acting strange. Yep, stolen car.

Police line
Chris Bernard

With Liberty and a long list of priors for all...Check out Liberty's crime sheet:

  • numerous vehicular charges
  • prior arrests for battery
  • retail theft
  • disorderly conduct
  • domestic battery
  • driving with a suspended license

This Bell was cracked, and it was time to lock her up. Liberty was arrested and sent to jail with a $30,000 bong.




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