When you live in a state that's known for deep dish pizza and hot dogs you'd expect it to be one of those choices.

However, that's not the case when a new study revealed "The Most Liked Game Day Snack In Every State."

The study, done by DirecTV used Instagram posts "with #gameday from Jan.–Oct. 2015, and after filtering all the posts for food references" then "analyzed 25,660 posts to determine which food types were mentioned the most and which received the most likes."

Surprisingly, fries was listed as the most liked game day snack in Illinois. I've watched plenty of football in my life and not once have I had a hankering for some fries during the game.

Illinois' 'Most Liked Game Day Snack' Makes No Sense

Pizza on the other hand, that makes more sense. It was the top choice in Indiana and Missouri. Even more mystifying, Wisconsin's choice for most liked game day snack is pasta, another food I wouldn't reach for during a game.


What's your favorite game day snack? Tell us!

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