A mother in Peoria, Illinois called the police on her neighbor because of his swearing.

As a parent, I understand trying to keep cussing away from children. There's plenty of time to hear swear words when they are adults.

Whenever I hear someone with a potty-mouth in front of kids, I always think of the "earmuffs" scene from the movie, "Old School."

Some moms will get angry if you do it in front of their family, but I don't think it's a reason to call the cops. Well, a mother in Peoria thought it was necessary.

According to pjstar.com,

"A mom called police after a neighbor unleashed profanities in front of her children."

Here's what happened.

The family's dog escaped from their house. The children were in the yard trying to catch it. The neighbor witnessing the incident started cursing at the kids. The mother didn't like it, so she called the police. In turn, the man called animal services about the animal.

This such a ridiculous situation, no charges were filed.


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