Being multi-lingual is an important life skill that most should strive for.

During this pandemic, those who aren't all that familiar with American Sign Language are now getting an in-depth look at it daily during the press briefs.

For no actual words being spoken, it is still a very expressive language.

My oldest daughter had a girl in her class for two years who used sign language to communicate so I've learned a little bit here and there.

Swearing can also be very expressive, to say the least, so why not learn a new way to do that too!

Thankfully those who are deaf have the same fondness for curse words and in this video produced by Cut they show us how to tell someone off in American Sign Language.

Just as a warning though, there is what some may consider offensive language in this video, both being signed and spoken aloud by a translater. But it's pretty darn funny!

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