"Sentence Enhancers" have become common place everywhere you go.

cursing man

Swearing, cursing, having a "potty mouth". It is so second nature, no matter where you are. People don't think twice in public and will let the f-bomb fly. I really think using curse words is just the norm.

Long gone are the days of labeling a certain age, or group of people as the ones that swear. Old and young, male or female, we all do it. Now if you are reading this and you are like, hey I never curse, well good for you.  Oh and stop your.....lying.

There is a bar in the UK that is banning, swearing. Imagine this at your favorite Rockford drinking establishment. If you swear, you're banned.

Check out this news story about the pub banning cursing, and listen to the TV anchors at WGN react in the background. Priceless.



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