A Wheaton, IL man is a moron...Emanuel Lopez stole a dog, a cute little Pomeranian and then thought it would be funny to get the dog stoned. What an idiot! ChooseHelp

Female Beagle puppy on a white leather sofa, barking
Sandra Kemppainen

Lopez stole the puppy from a pet store, took it home and blew pot smoke in it's face until the doggy was super stoned. What does he do next? Three days later he returns the dog TO THE PET STORE!

Poodle puppy wearing bow tie at park
Laura Fay

So he steals it, and then 3 days later returns it? After getting the dog high daily, to the point it would pass out...He returned the stolen dog. What an idiot.

Christopher Furlong
Christopher Furlong

After returning the $1500 dog, Lopez was arrested and handed a pretty stiff sentence of 2 months in jail and a 30 month probation. OK, it could have been more, much more. I think the judges comments during the sentencing, were spot on.

"Only the bottom rung of humanity abuses animals for their amusement." - DuPage County Judge John Kinsella



Also during this 30 month probation, Loped will be randomly drug tested. Oh snap, you can't share with a puppy or even do it yourself! That's good news, want more? The abused puppy has since been adopted. :)


Charles Mann

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