Are you ready for Valentine's Day, Rockford? Is this a "flowers & candy" day for you and your special someone? If you are planning on waiting until the last minute to buy your sweetie some sweets, you might want to reconsider.


Candy Makers Say Expect Shortages This Valentine’s Day

Noooooo!!!! Say it isn't so! Now if you remember, there was in fact a shortage around Halloween in Rockford, I wrote about it...All I wanted was a Hershey's Dark Chocolate, they were nowhere to be found.

The consumption of candy and demand for candy is at an all new high.

83% of Americans eat more than five servings of candy per month.

One of the biggest suppliers of candy, Hershey Co. says YES they are running low on candy supply for Valentine's Day this year! WSJ

The reason? Shortage of factory capacity, and a labor shortage. Oh no! So get out NOW and scoop up what you can! TOPAGENCY

Here are the favorites in the state of Illinois, see if you agree:

1. Skittles

2. Snickers

3. Kit Kat

4. Starburst

5. M&Ms

Here is the state by state breakdown:

Photo - Top Agency
Photo - Top Agency

Want some more reasons that we are short on candy this year? Check out these stats:

  1. Candy Consumption across the USA has risen 47.05% since last year
  2. 83% of Americans eat more than 5 servings of candy a month (worth mentioning again)
  3. Only 4% of Americans don’t eat candy at least once a month. Who are these people?
  4. The two candies dominated the cross country popularity contest, with M&M’s being the most popular in 20 states and Skittles coming a close second with 17. Illinois is so Skittles.


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