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Stupid Criminal

Raymond Jefferson robbed a South Side Chicago Radio Shack. He zip tied employees, and made off with a bunch of electronics. IPads, cell phones, Kindles, of and a GPS unit. The getaway seemed clean, no one hurt and a bag full of electronic to see or whatever.

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So after cops were called to the store to investigate the robbery, the employees told the police what all was stolen. Including a GPS unit, wait this investigation just got a LOT easier. So the dumb criminals stole a GPS Unit, let's see what we can do with this...finding the robbers can't be THIS EASY, right?

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Police remotely activated the GPS unit and guess what they found? About two hours later, police found Raymond Jefferson and a bunch of stolen merchandise. Could you imagine the officers laughing the entire way there? Like following a trail of food down a hallway to find where your 6 year old is hiding. Following the GPS tracker, ok dumbass here we come!

Raymond Jefferson was arrested and charged with three counts of armed robbery and kidnapping. Mr. Jefferson had his bail set at $350,000. Looks like he is going to be using his stolen Kindle to read novels behind bars for quite a while. A total of $17,000 in electronics was stolen from this South Side Chicago Radio Shack location.

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