After selling his TV to a pawn shop, an Illinois man steals one of their bicycles.

Personally, I've never had any dealings with any pawn shops but I know how they basically work. You bring them an item of value. You can have them outright buy it from you or they can hold onto the merchandise for a loan. If you don't pay them back, you lose your property.

It seems like a pretty simple concept. Maybe this guy in Peoria, Illinois just didn't understand.

According to,

"A man exchanged a television set for cash at a pawn shop, but he might have left with more than that. Security-camera footage appears to show the man stealing a bicycle from the front of the store. The man arrived with the TV and received a $60 loan. As part of the transaction, he provided his driver’s license."

"After he left the business, he looked at bikes parked near the entrance. A cable locked together the bikes. The suspect then walked across to an auto parts store, then walked back to the pawn shop. The security camera documented the suspect walking around the building, with bolt cutters in hand. A minute or so later, the suspect is seen on security footage riding away on one of the bikes."

Did he think it was a trade?

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