The way customers keep their money bothers the employees of a pawn shop in Illinois.

I've watched enough reality television to know how pawn shops work. There are actually a few different ways they do business. For this purpose of this situation, I'll explain. A person needs money. They bring an item of value to the pawn shop as collateral for a loan. They don't want to sell it. Then the customer gets so long to pay off the debt or the shop owner keeps the item to sell.

I don't know percentages but I'm sure many people end up losing their stuff because they fail to pay back the loan. It's unfortunate but a fact of life.

When a person comes in to take care of the bill, you would think the pawn shop employees would be happy. Well, they are but there is one issue. It's the condition of the money they receive for payment, especially on hot days in the summer.

The problem is moist money. That just sounds gross without even having to experience it.

According to,

"R & J’s Northside Pawn Shop, where workers shudder whenever the mercury skyrockets not because of the torrid temps, but “moist money.” They use that term to describe cash that certain customers pull from a bra or underwear."

I remember as a kid going to the public pool. My Mom would give me a dollar for a snack. I would keep it in the pocket for my swimming suit so I wouldn't lose it. The worker at the concession stand would always be bitter with me because it was soaked.

At least that was water and not sweat.

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