What in the world is a "Kitchen Kilo" of cocaine. I swear I learn something new everyday...There's a dimebag, there's a "heap" apparently, now there's a "Kitchen Kilo" and this Ilinois man was the master of that! ABC7

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Gilberto Almanza is being held without bond after his unusual way of selling the booger sugar.

Zxc, Wikimedia Commons
Zxc, Wikimedia Commons

This fella's crib, was a cocaine paradise. Authorities went to his house and what they found was pretty incredible...Check this out, first off several kilos were found in his master bedroom. He sold the big stuff, getting kilo purchases at $36,000 a pop.

This dude had his kitchen as the main "wheelin' and dealin'" cocaine source. hey, where are the Frosted Flakes? Oh...that's not cereal.


The major charge in this situation, he is charged with selling mass amounts of cocaine to a big Mexican-based organization. Here's the kicker, the feds were in on all of this.

There was a stink operation that had authorities watching the "kitchen guy's" every move,

Also found during the raid:

22-caliber pistol 

$40,000 in cash

A shortage of kitchen counter space


The connection was Northern Mexico to Chicago...but his distribution was throughout Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois.

All of this goes down, his place is raided and there are bedroom and "Kitchen Kilos" of cocaine, and...he pleads
. Say...what? I guess the "Kitchen Kilo" man wants to continue his cocaine culinary ways.

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