Falling asleep in a drive-thru earned this Illinois man his 5th DUI.

After a night a partying, some late night grub really hits the spot.

Always make you're safe and have a sober driver to take you.

I'll be honest. I've fallen asleep in the drive-thru, but luckily, I wasn't driving. I was a passenger. The only bad thing that happened was my friends ate my food.

Unfortunately, this guy didn't do the right thing.

According to dailyherald.com,

"An Elgin man was charged with his fifth DUI after falling asleep in the drive-through of a Taco Bell."

The police were called to the location to check on a report of a man passed out in his vehicle which was located in the drive-thru.

When the officers arrived, they woke the gentleman. The suspect said he was waiting for his food. Apparently, he hadn't ordered yet.

When checking on the driver, they discovered a bag of marijuana on the passenger's seat.

"He smelled of alcohol, was slurring his speech and had bloodshot eyes, according to the report, which also said he refused field sobriety tests at the scene, as well as a breath test at the police station."

Looks like this guy is going to spend some time behind bars.

Maybe someone should tell him about Uber and Grub Hub.


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