Driving into the Chicago area Saturday on 90, I was having "Left Lane Road Rage".

Doug Menuez

There are laws, legit laws when it comes to driving in the left lane on Illinois highways.

Here is the basic breakdown for those that do not get it. The left lane is for those traveling at a higher rate of speed. See how easy that was?

But why do you have to go so fast, why are you in such a hurry, you're going to cause an accident. Correction, it is those that set use that left lane in a slow manner blocking traffic that cause the accidents.

Master Sgt. Rick Hector, who is an Illinois State Police spokesman was quoted as saying:

"For years in our defensive driving course we've been teaching that the left lane should only be used for passing, if you go out driving, it's easy to tell when there is someone who gets out there [in the left lane] and just doesn't move over. The intent of this law is to prevent the road rage incidents that happen as a result of that."

My issue Saturday was the person flying past everyone, then setting the cruise at 60 in the left lane. Thanks for making  EVERYONE hit their brakes.



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