You can't check your phone while driving, but you can safely use your phone in new "Safe Phone Zones."

I drive more than the average human does in one day. I'm not going to lie to you faithful reader, I have looked at my phone while driving.

I've gotten so much better as now I can use my phone completely hands free thanks to Siri. I can say, "Siri read my text message" and she will. I can say, "Siri, respond to my text message" and she will. She is my version of hands free eyes, but when I must respond to an email or important matter, sometimes Siri just isn't as capable as I am.

If only I could pull off the road and have free Wi-Fi and know that I'm in a safe spot. Well, I don't have to wait much longer.

Jupiter Images, Think Stock
Jupiter Images, Think Stock

Starting next month you will start seeing blue signs on the Illinois Tollway directing drivers to safe phone zones.

The signs will direct drivers to the Lake Forest, O'Hare, Hinsdale, South Holland, Belvidere and DeKalb Oases. Here, you can pull off the expressway into the Safe Phone Zones inside of the oases. They will have a seating area and free Wi-Fi for those who need to communicate while on long travels according to The Chicago Sun Times.

I think this is a fantastic idea. Now this isn't a magical formula that will stop people from texting and driving, but it may reduce the amount of distracted driving.

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